Tuesday, 11 March 2014

[Varanasi city] March 10, 2014 Happy Moments of the women participated in the program on Indian Women Liberation Day

Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi, Convenor, Savitri Bai Phule Mahila Panchayat & Managing Trustee, PVCHR/JMN playing colours with the members of SWF

Dr. Lenin & Henrick  were coloured by the member of SWF 

Playing colours 

Ms. Shirin Shabana Khan, Program Director, PVCHR/JMN

Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi, CEO & Founder, PVCHR/JMN

Irshad Ahmed, Advocacy Coordinator, PVCHR/JMN

Hope & Rising on New Indian colour full girl-Munshi Prem Chandra Bal Panchayat, Baghawanala, Varanasi

Photo by: Rohit Kumar as initiative of PVCHR: life and struggle of Neo Dalit Movement through camera of born Dalit against caste system